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Ethiopia focuses on the production of electricity from a mix of cheap and clean renewable primary energy sources ...
The mass media in Ethiopia consist of radio, television and the Internet...

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Fashion Expo
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Graduation Expo
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Mice Tourism
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The Event Mix

Symposium under the motto “Technology for Holistic and Competitive Development”
Corporate Day
Each EXPO DAY will be named by prospective Sponsors where sponsors meet their target customers
B2B among selected Technological Sectors
Special Magazine
Special Magazine and Exhibitor’s Guide
Opening and Closing side events
Why Ethiopia?
Ethiopia’s Record Growth
Ethiopia has seen astonishing growth in the last ten years. Growing at an average rate of 10.2% between 2006 and 2016, the country is consistently one of Africa’s top performing economies. The country’s Growth and Transformation Plan II is targeting an annual average real GDP growth rate of 11%. Ethiopian industry is projected to grow at an annual average rate of 20%, with projected growth of 21.9% in the manufacturing sub-sector; 31.6% in electricity, gas and water; 15.4% in construction; and 32.8% in the mining sector.

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ARES is a sister company of the former “East-Africa Electricity Promotion.” Major promotional events organized by East-Africa Electricity Promotion with side events like Symposium …

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